Our Saviour Lutheran Church

Confession: Good for the Soul, Part I: Fault before God

How much do we truly understand our own sin? In this sermon series, we want to look at the power of confessing our sins--and receiving forgivenes--from a pastor or a fellow Christian. But before we can get to confession, we must first come to a fuller understanding of our own sin and sinfulness.


Lucy Aguirre

This is very sobering stuff - thank you. It breaks my heart to think about the fact that I've despised the Lord and His word (2Sam12:9), even after all He's done for me. As a result, I just repented and asked for forgiveness.

I'm preparing for a bible study on sin and would like to quote some of the things you said about how we despise the Lord. Hopefully, this will cause a cascade of repentance among the Lord's people.