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Effective Intercession

I.             Effective Intercession



·        We follow the Old Testament priestly function and the New Testament pattern of Jesus - standing before God and between a righteous God and sinful man.



1.      In order to be effective standing "between" we must first stand "before" God to develop the intimacy necessary to fulfill this role.



i.             Numbers 14 is one of the greatest accounts of intercessory prayer recorded in the Bible. Moses was able to stand between God and sinful man because he had stood "before" Him and had developed intimacy of communication.


ii.        Numbers 12:8 records that God spoke with Moses as friend to friend and not through visions and dreams as He did with other prophets.



2.      As New Testament believers, we no longer sacrifice animals as in Old Testament times.



i.             We stand before the Lord to offer up spiritual sacrifices of praise (Hebrews ) and the sacrifice of our own lives (Romans 12:1).


ii.        It is on the basis of this intimate relationship with God that we can then stand "between" Him and others, serving as an advocate and intercessor in their behalf.



3.      Peter uses two words to describe this priestly ministry: "Holy" and "royal."



i.             Holiness is required to stand before the Lord (Hebrews ). We are able to do this only on the basis of the righteousness of Christ, not our own righteousness.


ii.        Royalty is descriptive of the kingly authority that is delegated to us as members of the "royal family," so to speak, with legitimate access to the throne room of God.



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