Pomme de Terre United Methodist Church

(Don't) Gimme That Old-Time Religion

Scriptures: Matthew 9:16-17 and 19:3-9

Message: (Don't) Gimme That Old Time Religion


1. Santorum’s 2nd Place Finish a Victory for Christians

à assumption that All Christians shared the same viewpoint and supported the same political candidate


2. Shuttle driver: Obama is a Muslim à assumption was that because we shared a similar faith, we shared identical opinions and beliefs


3. Gimme that Old-Time Religion???

a. religious traditions are important

b. some of our Old-Time Religion has given us the Crusades, The Inquisition, religious wars, burning so-called witches at the stake.

c. some old-time religion has oppressed women, defended slavery, silenced scientific inquiry.


4. Matthew 19:3-9 à in Jesus’ day the old-time religion said that everyone shared the same view on divorce. Jesus rejected that.


Matthew 9:16-17 à sometimes new wine skins are needed because the old wine skins are not working.


5. We can discard old-time religion that claims God causes cancer, car wrecks and other catastrophes.


We can discard old-time religion that claims Christians don’t doubt.


We can discard old-time religion that says women can’t be preachers and must submit to men.


We can discard old-time religion that says it’s OK for Christians to be judgmental and obnoxious.


6. Five percent of Americans do not believe in God. (In Missouri 77 percent of people believe in God with absolute certainty, but on ly 59 percent of people say religion is very important in their lives, and only 43 percent attend worship at least once a week.)


Many people in our community today have problems with religion. Most, however, don’t reject God of Christianity or church. They reject the way the church and Christians have packaged our faith. They are not rejecting pure wine; they are rejection old wine skins.





#1 Church is overprotective – demonize everything outside the church, ignore problems of the real world, stifling of experience


#2 Christianity is shallow – not relevant, boring, Bible not taught clearly


#3 Church is antagonistic toward science.




#4 Church is simplistic and judgmental toward sexuality –


#5 Wrestle with the exclusivity claims  of Christianity.


#6 Church feels unfriendly to those who doubt.

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