Peoples Church of Montreal

United in Christ

1 Peter was written during the time of Nero, Peter was exhorting Christians to submit to Nero.

When do we obey laws? Almost always. 

Civil disobedience is only good when the government declares what is wrong to be right or what is right to be wrong. 

Even when disobedience is called for it should be as peaceful as possible.


  • Daniel did not overthrow the king's tables, he asked for different food.
  • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego did not tear down the statute they were to worship, they merely refused to worship it.

We are to respect all people, love the family of God, stand in awe of God, and honour our government leaders by speaking of them with respect, praying for them and obeying the law. 

Additional scriptures:

  • Acts 5
  • Daniel 1
  • Daniel 3