Port Charlotte Full Gospel Business Mens Fellowship International

Randy Smith at Port Charlotte FL Full Gospel Breakfast 3-20-2010

Randy and his wife, Marie, are two of the Father God's children on a journey. Randy was serving as an air-conditioning mechanic for the architect of the Capital in Washington, DC when he received his call back in 1980. The Lord spoke to him so clearly, "If you love me, son, won't you do my will and Feed My Lambs this day?" Marie's calling also in 1980 happened on a family camping trip when the Lord asked her, "Marie, do you love me?" She responded and he said "Marie, if you love Me, Feed My Lambs." This was the beginning of a great journey as the Holy Spirit's leading called them to "leave all" and move many times traveling to unknown places in this country and in other nations, including Guatemala, France, China, Germany, Guyana and Canada.