Preston Trail Community Church

Enduring Love

Love's Not Dead

“Love makes the world go round.” Does it? It doesn’t seem like it lately. Between wars, terrorist attacks, school shootings and other devastating events it can seem like love no longer exists in the world. Even closer to home, love feels elusive when your parents say they love each other, but then get divorced or the love of your life dumps you. Be assured love is not dead. In this message series we look at the purest expression of love of all time – a love so powerful that it changes everything, especially us.

Enduring Love

What does a professional soccer player know about endurance? Plenty. And, we’re not just talking about physical endurance. This week, FC Dallas star, Walker Zimmerman joined us in The Rail and coached us on enduring love. This is one lesson you don’t want to miss!


Your Love Never Fails CCLI#5337172 Authors: Chris McClarney and Anthony Skinner
Search My Heart CCLI#5807918 Authors: Matt Crocker and Joel Houston
Scandal of Grace CCLI#6428750 Authors: Matt Crocker and Joel Houston

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