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M Squared Part 4 cont

M Squared

Quick—what’s the mission statement for Chick Fil A? Apple? Dr. Pepper? While brands like these may be part of your daily life, that doesn’t mean you order your life around their mission. It’s the same when it comes to church, isn’t it? Just coming here doesn’t mean you’ve ordered your life around our mission: helping people find and follow Jesus Christ. So what’s your mission? What is your life about? Join us for this four-week series as we look at key practices that move you to mission squared—where the mission of the church becomes the mission of your life.


What do dead fish and Kool Aid have to do with serving? This week, PTSM Student Intern, Rachel Broome, reveals the connection as she continues the conversation on serving. Watch and find out what your acts of service say about your faith.


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Sinking Deep CCLI# 6605236 Authors: Joel Davies and Aodhan King

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