Preston Trail Community Church

Royals 5

Royals... A Tale of Two Kings

William and Kate. Harry. You know who they are just by their first names. There’s something that we find intriguing about royalty. We want to see how they dress, what they like, how they live and think. This series explores some of the most famous writings created by kings – Psalms and Proverbs. Join us for a glimpse into the lives and thoughts of kings.

Ever had a song stuck in your head? The lyrics play over and over in your mind. It’s the power of the special combination of words and music that seems to permeate our brains almost effortlessly and helps us remember things. This phenomenon is not limited to modern music. Certain passages of scripture were originally written to music too. In this message, Student Programming Director, Daniel Wedemeyer walks us a through the lessons of a song written by King David.


This is Amazing Grace CCLI#6333821 Authors: Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle and Phil Wickham
Christ is Enough CCLI#6514035 Authors: Reuben Morgan and Jonas Myrin
All He Says I Am CCLI#6203384 Authors: Cody Carnes and Jillian Edwards

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