Preston Trail Community Church

Royals 6

Royals... A Tale of Two Kings

William and Kate. Harry. You know who they are just by their first names. There’s something that we find intriguing about royalty. We want to see how they dress, what they like, how they live and think. This series explores some of the most famous writings created by kings – Psalms and Proverbs. Join us for a glimpse into the lives and thoughts of kings.

Got a plan? Some hopes and dreams for your future – Broadway, professional sports, college, marriage, kids? Even if you don’t have the details worked out yet, you can probably name with a few things that you want your future to include and are already working toward your goals. How does God figure into your plans? We are fortunate to have someone who has achieved a pretty loft goal answer that very question! Join us for FC Dallas star, Walker Zimmerman’s message on Proverbs 16.


Wake CCLI#6605243 Authors: Joel Davies, Hannah Hobbs and Alexander Pappas
Brighter CCLI#6605267 Authors: Aodhan King, Ben Tan and Melodie Wagner
Aftermath CCLI#5809026 Author: Joel Houston
Sinking Deep CCLI#6605236 Authors: Joel Davies and Aodhan King

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