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Say What? 3

Say What?

“Say what?” It’s a popular phrase. At first glance it’s funny, but it can be quite serious. The truth is that words are powerful. What we say can be tremendously impactful. In this message series, we take a close look at the influence we carry with our words and how deliberately choosing our words can change lives.

Comments can kill. A piercing negative remark can destroy confidence and kill dreams. The words that cut deepest can even come from people who are closest to us. Then we compound their impact by repeating them to ourselves in an inner dialogue of negative thoughts. In this message, Pastor Hugh explores the power of the words we say to ourselves and offers important counsel on cleaning our thought closets.


This is Amazing Grace CCLI#6333821 Authors: Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle and Phil Wickham
Light Will Shine CCLI#5807901 Authors: Matt Crocker and Marty Sampson
Nothing Like Your Love CCLI#6428808 Author: Sam Knock

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