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Say What? 4

Say What?

“Say what?” It’s a popular phrase. At first glance it’s funny, but it can be quite serious. The truth is that words are powerful. What we say can be tremendously impactful. In this message series, we take a close look at the influence we carry with our words and how deliberately choosing our words can change lives.

Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Extra, TMZ --- this list could go on indefinitely because gossip and lies entertain and they sell. And, if we are courageous enough to admit it, we all lie and engage in gossip ourselves, at least to some degree. What is so powerful and enticing about these behaviors that draw us in? Join us as Pastor Hugh spells it out!


Relentless CCLI#6428743 Authors: Matt Crocker and Joel Houston
This is Amazing Grace CCLI#6333821 Authors: Josh Farro, Jeremy Riddle and Phil Wickham
Christ is Enough CCLI#6514035 Authors: Reuben Morgan and Jonas Myrin
Arms Open Wide CCLI#5371334 Author: Sam Knock

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