Preston Trail Community Church

Stand Out 3

"I wish that I could be like the cool kids,'Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in.“ At some level, we can all identify with these Echosmith lyrics. We all want to belong somewhere, especially when it comes to school. Standing out is hard, but sometimes it can be a good thing. In this message series we examine how we can overcome our fear of fitting and stand out in a positive way.

How many “followers” do you have? How many “likes” did the last selfie generate? How much time are you spending managing your social media presence? Social media is just one of many ways that we work to fit in. Even though it can be exhausting, nine out of ten students will labor to fit in. Only one student will make a choice to stand out. This could be your year to be that one. Join us for this inspiring message by Pastor Hugh on turning back to God this year.


Can't Stop Singing CCLI#6397362 Authors: Steve Fee and Todd Fields
Brighter CCLI#6605267 Authors: Aodhan King, Ben Tan and Melodie Wagner
Love is War CCLI#6428798 Author: Joel Houston

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