Providence Church | West Chester

James 3

1. Was there ever a time when you wished you could take back your words? in what situations do you find your speech most out of character with who you really are?

Read James 3:1-6
2. The tongue is not just personally destructive but damaging to all our relationships. How have you seen this? What is the most devastating thing someone has ever said to you, or you’ve said to someone else?

Read James 3:7-12
3. James uses the strongest example of the duality of the tongue. We use it to both curse and praise. What does it mean to curse someone? Why does James warn about double-talk?

4. To have the mind of Christ is to have wisdom. How do we get the mind of Christ into us?

5. What is the condition of my heart today? Is my heart aligned with His?  
Are my desires, His desires? Who is the pilot of my heart today?
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