Remnant Church

Art of Manliness Session 4

Poverty, mental illness, physical illness, infant mortality, lower educational attainment, higher school dropout rates, juvenile delinquency, adult criminality, unwed pregnancies, and single-mother homes—the failure of men to act like men is a proven cause of all these societal evils. When men fail to be who God created them to be, everyone suffers. For ours is a world created by the goodness of God, and nothing good ever comes from rejecting his wise and loving order.

The way forward is not found in inventing a new course for ourselves, but in following the course that God has given us in Christ. Jesus not only shows us what it means to be a man, he also enables us to live as God intends through the grace of the gospel and his life-giving Spirit. Join us for one weekend of honest words from our heavenly Father about how to be the kind of men who honor God and bless the world.