Restoration Christian Church

Purpose and the Fight of Faith

2 Sam 23:11
David's man of valor Stood in the field and beat back enemy

Salmon leave and go back upstream to lay eggs. Their "purpose" is to get back to lay the eggs and won't let anything stop them...BUT There are bears in life to try to steal your purpose 

1 Tim 6:12 fight the good fight of faith...hold....confess a good confession before many witnesses

Fight of faith is:

1. Focused
Mark 11:24 believe that you receive

Praying for: 
Supernatural favor
Divine connections
Kiros moments
Overcoming blessing
Strategic plans
Double double
perfect healing

2. Takes place in mind
Our warfare tears down strongholds 
Don't allow satan to build a house in your head!!!!

3. Perseveres
Hebrews 6:11 stick through to the end through faith and patience
Not letting satan move me 

Speak, don't just think 

Lift your voice to what God says about you and tear down the strongholds in your life

Your voice is your address in the spirit

Accomplish the bigger purpose by lifting your voice

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