Revolution Church

Manifest: Manifesting the Gospel in the World (Titus 3:1-15)

What does your life say about the gospel? Do people look at your life and think, "There's something different about their life. They live by a different standard, a different set of goals, dreams." Or do they see someone much like themselves: Living for themselves, their comfort, seeking to control their life, pursuing the American dream. These are some of the questions we'll encounter in the short New Testament letter, Titus. In it, the apostle Paul writes to Titus, one of his protege's and shares with him how to lead a young and growing church. Much like Revolution, Titus is a young church planter, in a city and he is striving to lead a community of people to be on mission to that city. To saturate that city with the gospel instead of the city saturating the church with their gospel.

Big Idea

  • Who God is nad what God has done transforms our lives and equips every follower of Jesus to be used mightily for the gospel.

Next Steps

  • Memorize Titus 3:8

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