Riverview Church

Why is your but so big?

So many of us are either extremely busy or extremely lonely. But if you look beneath the surface, you find that they betray something else: our need for community. Even with this deep need, so many Christians refuse to get involved in the local church. Worse yet, many Christians bad mouth the church, not even realizing they are talking smack about Jesus' bride.


Steve Cavallaro

Great to hear him address the reality that though the Church is the Body & Bride of Jesus, she isn't perfect. We will all get bruised and battered. That is not a reason to drop-out, but to forgive & grow.

Etienne de Bruin

22 minutes into this sermon is where I am grabbed by the balls. The preacher says: "Death is always better for Christians but life is where we've been given a mission and this is where we're supposed to be and the purpose of being here." So often our attention is on ourselves and the pursuit of our own happiness in this life .. but this life cannot be about that pursuit for Christians.

Eric Koenig

This Message is so true. There is no real excuse for not serving God. I have never heard this put so simply. I really got a lot out of this message.

Scott Patten

Keep talking! I needed to hear this and I thought you were speaking directly to me.

This was an AWESOME sermon! Thanks for clarifying a couple much needed points. I agree we need to nudge and prod each other into Christ's good works.


Scott P

Mark Neumann

Couldn't find the car keys to get to church today. I'm so glad I listened to this message with my son. It could also be said, "we gather to kick eachother's buts!" (the whole spurring idea...)

Blessings to you,

Mark Neumann