Seaside Church

Found By Him - 2 Peter 3:13-15

The end is coming - there is an end time. and all that will be left is a new world - a new hope. This is pointedly following up on the thought from 2 Peter 3.10-12, what sort of people ought you to be - out of holiness - acknowledging who He is and all that He has done for us - how can I live out this ought to my neighbors, to my friends, to my kids - essentially a life of godliness. How we live a life that desires for Him to teach us and to restore the brokenness in us? We know He has restored our hearts of the brokenness that is in them - the sin and sorrow and shame in your Son - how can I live out the life You have called me to in your scriptures? This isn't about the rules, because we are unable to live out a life that is governed by rules, hoping that we might make good on the work He has started, but instead about seeking to trust and be found in Him. In the midst of struggles, pain, and suffering, we are all looking for answers. And in trying to find those answers we just push on, mistaking so-called-diligence for obedience. Peter want us to see how the way to fight against the false teachings is not just knowledge and action, but preparedness. We must be prepared to engage in the redemptive work He is doing.
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