Seaside Church

The Great Giver

This Sunday's gathering we focused on laying out the details of our Advent Celebration project - working with The Cupcake Girls [http://www.thecupcakegirls.org] to reach and build relationships with the Strip Clubs and Brothels in the Las Vegas area. We also spent a chunk of time reading/talking through the ongoing story in the 2nd Letter of Peter - specifically the 1st chapter and even more specifically verses 3-4. In this passage Peter is continuing to emphasize not only the incredible value of knowing God, but also the order in which He has called us. It isn't - stop sinning, the Jesus will accept you, and then He'll save you. Instead it is - Jesus called you, loves you, and through that you can seek to fight against the lies that Satan continues to throw at us with the truth of who He says we are. Not who we were, but who we are should drive our responses and our decisions in life.