Shellsford Baptist Church

We Need To Be Reformed

If we are ever going to see the revival in our church we need to experience a new Reformation. Martin Luther, 488 years ago (October 31st, 1517) began a movement in Germany that has all but stopped in our own nation. He saw, as few others had at the time, that the Church had left it's Scriptural Anchor and was adrift in the traditions of man. He recognized that the Body of Christ is firmly connected, not to man's world, but to God's Word. As he spent the rest of his life proclaiming the life-giving power of God's Living Word, he saw the beginnings of a movement that has returned Christ's Bride to her True Husband.

My goal, as your pastor, is that we, both you and I, would become reformed in Christ. What can we do to be Reformed this morning?



R - ecognize the authority of Scripture.


E - xperience the change of Scripture.


F - ollow the teaching of Scripture.


O - ffer ourselves to the God of Scripture.

R - ely on the sufficiency of Scripture.

M - editate on the whole of Scripture.

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Stephen Morse

Can't believe I Amen'd my own sermon!

I didn't know how the Amen thingy worked... although... I went through the trouble to upload it...so I must approve of it!