South City Reformed Baptist Church


This is from the Sermon on the Mount, which was addressed to those who claim to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Matt 5:1, and at the end of the sermon in Matt 7:24, He tells us that one must put to practice what the word teaches. Last week we looked at seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. The second point of the three points of that sermon was 'How is this principle worked out in practice?' We will look at this a bit more today. Christians must have a true and realistic view of life. Rom 8:28, Eph 6:10-12, 1Cor 9:27, Matt5:11-12 While the Lord will work everything out for the good of His people, the Christian life is not a walk in the park. ||||| FURY OF THE STORMS OF LIFE

The Lord likens the Christian's life to a ferocious storm beating upon the house. Spiritual storms come to Christians frequently. 1Pet4: 12-13. |||||  NATURE OF THE STRUCTURE OF THE HOUSES

The Lord supplies the material for Christians to build our lives on. The believer takes the material and builds on it. That material is the Word. 2Tim 3:16-17, Psalm 19:7-11. To just read the Bible is of no use. It is like a sick man who takes the doctor's prescription to the chemist, gets the medicine and sets it on a shelf at home and merely looks at it. |||||  STATE OF THE TWO HOUSES AFTER THE STORM

Imagine two beautiful houses in the neighbourhood that we drive past regularly. One day a tornado comes. One house is completely destroyed while the other stands. |||||  THE HOUSE THAT FELL was found to have had a faulty foundation, being made of faulty materials. The man who built the house that fell is like those who build on the sand of their tradition and culture rather than on the Rock of ages. The Christian 'thing' that they based their life on was of no value, just rubbish.

THE HOUSE THAT STOOD represents the lives of those who build on the Rock. They will also face terrible storms. Life is hard. No storm can cause your house to collapse though, if it is built on Jesus, if the word of God is the material you have used to build your life. Even through the storms, the Lord will supply all your needs. So. Christians take heart. In the end, those who live by the word can like Paul say, "I have fought the good fight . . ." 2 Tim 4:6-8

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