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Psalm 23

LORD translates Jehovah Jehovah Jesus Demonstration of grace that He allows us to call Him our Shepherd. Among all men in my life who we admire, it is the LORD who is my Shepherd. Davids uses personal language like in Gal 2:20 ... He loved me and gave Himself for me. Jan 10:14 I am the good Shepherd. Reliability of the Shepherd is the basis of David's confidence. The sheep look adoringly to the Shepherd. This is no ordinary shepherd but the ultimate Shepherd who gave His life and made abundant provision for the sheep. We are purchased sheep. You have been bought with a price. And sheep that were not worthy to be purchased. Unworthy and dead. We do well to remember that we are bought. It is the sheep's joy to follow the Shepherd. We cannot allow the world to take our attention off Jesus. There are great benefits in following Him: I shall not want. Wherever the Shepherd was is the best pasture. Jn 17:4 I have given them Your word. The scriptures are sufficient. Equipped for every good work. Pastures that give us wise counsel and confidence. Your word is truth. Romans 8. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Happy is the sheep that stays close to the Shepherd. The world may tell you that you need this and that. I shall not want. (Not my wants. I shall not lack what the Shepherd deems good for the sheep.) Lie down - chew the cud. If we are good sheep, we will chew the word till we are challenged by it and rebuked by it. Do not be conformed to the world . . . be transformed ... To do this we have to steer clear of sin. Keep back York servant from presumption. To take for granted. We need to constantly remember how we became right with God. All our sin has been nailed to the cross and we bear it no more. Do you know this Shepherd. That He is the way to bring us back to God. If we come to Him, He makes us His sons and daughters and the sheep of His pasture.