South City Reformed Baptist Church

Faith - Part 2

[1.] No one is a Christian who has not been SAVED through faith. [2.] And these also DIE still in their faith. True saving faith is persevering faith, as it is a faith that has come from God and it cannot fail. Heb10:38-39. [3.] A Christian is also someone who LIVES AND WALKS in faith. 2Cor 5:7-9. 
We are at war with the enemy continually. But this faith regulates our life as we trust God. James 2:18-26, Heb 11:6. Jesus had to rebuke His disciples, at times, for a lack of faith. Matt 8:23-26, Matt 16:5-11. If we are truly children of God, we have been given faith that needs to be exercised every day of our lives on this earth Matt 6:25-34 If we seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness, He will add all other things for us. Does this mean that we will have a life of ease? Read Heb 11:33-38 to set that notion right. No God will be with us through thick and thin and even death, and all things will work out for our good. James 1v5-8, Our faith will be tested. And we can believe in Him and be filled with with joy unspeakable and full of glory 1 Peter 1 v6-9. But we must keep our eyes on the Lord. But if we look at the waves and lose sight of Him, we get into difficulty.

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