South City Reformed Baptist Church


How thankful are we, looking back at 2018? Sometimes even our prayers can be grumbling  in disguise. ||||| Vs 6-7 CONTINUE IN CHRIST just as you were taught. They were not to continue in something new or something more, Col 1:6 but in the gospel that they were first taught and believed. They were to dig their roots deeper into Christ. Learning better what they already have. This produces a deep thankfulness. A lack of thankfulness and contentment causes quarrels and fights. James 4:1-3 ||||| Vs 8 BE CAREFUL OF PHILOSPHIES geared to lead you from the Lord. Some of these systems of thought even seem to have plausible arguments. What are the influences that threaten to trip us up this year? What is our "Turkish Delight"? ||||| FOUR RAPID FIRE REASONS SO WE DO NOT GO ASTRAY: 1. CHRIST HAS ALREADY FILLED US Vs 9-10. False teachers claim to have something more than Christ. There is not more of God to see than what we see through Christ. Heb 1:1-2 We are complete in Him. 2. CHRIST HAS GIVEN US A NEW HEART Vs 11-12. Paul speaks here of a new heart. Even in OT times when physical circumcision was commanded for the Jews, it pointed to heart circumcision. Rom 2:28-29 Because of our new heart, we long for the word and we also hate sin. “No one is more miserable than the Christian who  sins." Baptism signifies the death and resurrection we identify with in Jesus. 3. CHRIST ON THE CROSS SUFFERED AND PAID FOR OUR SINS Vs 13-14. No one could pay for the record of debt that we had accumulated. In the first century, Jesus experienced all of God's judicial wrath against sin, so that in the 21st century we can live. No one else can offer forgiveness and take away our guilt. Only Christ can do that. 4. CHRIST HAS CONQUERED EVERY ENEMY Vs 15. The imagery is taken from how captives from the enemies of war would be dragged through the city for people to mock them. Christ has taken away SIN. He conquered DEATH and one day we will also rise from the dead. He conquered SATAN for ever. He has victory over every possible enemy. You want to be on His team. It is a wrong time to go after thr things of the WORLD, now that Jesus has conquered it. If you lose Christ, you lose all, and you prove that you were not saved at all.||||| Why should we not be joyful and thankful?


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