South City Reformed Baptist Church


Eph 6:10-20 & Jude 17-21


People talk about where the ideal place to pray is, whether in a cathedral or at home. Then they may discuss whether planned prayers are good, and whether it is good to write them first. Ought we to pray aloud or silently? You can do all of those and PRAY or you can do all of that and NOT PRAY. From Eph 6:10-20, we see that the Lord is calling us to be strong Christians by putting on God's armour, and we are told more about our enemy. The final piece of armour that, as it were, holds all of the armour together, is found in vs 18-19 PRAYER. Without this piece of armour we are no better than the knight displayed in the museum. "Stand up, stand up for Jesus, / Stand in his strength alone;  / The arm of flesh will fail you,  / Ye dare not trust your own. / Put on the gospel armor, / Each piece put on with prayer;  / Where duty calls or danger,  / Be never wanting there."

We are to PRAY IN THE SPIRIT with all prayer and supplication. Look at the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian. John 3:6-8 HOLY SPIRIT DRAWS men to Himself, convinces men of sin, makes them born again, giving faith and causing repentance. Jn 14:15-17 HOLY SPIRIT INDWELLS the believer. So we Gal 5:16 WALK IN THE SPIRIT and we Phil 3:3 WORSHIP BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. 

Jude speaks of the worldy people who are devoid of the Spirit. In contrast, Jude 20 tells God's people to pray in the Holy Spirit. So there are only two types of prayer, James 4:1-3. Just as much of our disagreements occur because we want our own way, so are PRAYERS IN THE FLESH. But of PRAYERS IN THE SPIRIT, we have many examples in scripture. For example Act 4:23-31. On that occasion the place where they were gathered was shaken and they were filled with the Spirit. 

Without God we can do nothing. Praying in the Spirit is not mystical. The same Holy Spirit who indwells us also helps us to pray. No one can pray without divine help. Spurgeon said  "Only the prayer that comes from God can go to God," and again of prayer he said, "We shoot the Lord's arrows back to God." Prayer is purely a spiritual act. The place of prayer gives the true believer joy. Some hymns express this well: *There is a place of of quiet rest near to the heart of God. *Sweet hour of prayer

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