South City Reformed Baptist Church


At one level the command to love is not new. The law summarised by Jesus Himself spoke of loving God and loving one's neighbour. 1John 4:7-21. So what is new about this command now? |||||| Jesus proposes: ** a new object - Who to love ** a new measure - How to love ** a new motive - Why to love ||||| WHAT TO LOVE
Loving each other, not people generally but our fellow disciples. 1Jn 4:20 True love for God and sincere love for our brothers and sisters go together. We must love  * Persecuted brethren * Missionary families * Those who are ill * Those burdened by despair or guilt ||||| HOW TO LOVE "As I have loved you," Jesus said. The old standard was to love as we loved ourselves.But the standard is far higher now. -- Jesus love was UNFLAGGING and enduring. He loved them to the end to the uttermost -- Jesus love was SELF-EFFACING. He took on the role of a servant and stoops to wash the feet of his disciples. John 13:12 -17. No act of love should be considered beneath us.
Phil 2:5 Have same attitude as Christ Jesus -- Jesus love was SELF DENYING. John 15:13 Greater love has no one than that a man lay down his life for his friends. 1Jn 3:18 Let us not love in word or tongue but in deed and truth. ||||| WHY TO LOVE
Love for God is chained to and verified by our love for others. Symbols like the fish sign or Christian wordings on the walls are meaningless, if we do not demonstrate His love in the way we love others. It's almost as if Jesus turns to the world and says: You judge for yourself if these people are Christians. By this ALL MEN WILL KNOW The early pagan persecutors were impressed by the love of Christians who were even willing to die for each other. On the otherhand, the lack of love has been a hurdle for unbelievers. Love is a hallmark, a badge - Instant-recognition software for others to conclude that we really are who we say we are - His disciples.
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