South City Reformed Baptist Church

The Christian's status in the world

WHAT PLACE HAS THE CHRISTIAN IN THIS WORLD? We are strangers and exiles in the world. ||||||  WHAT DO THE PEOPLE IN HEBREWS 11 HAVE IN COMMON?  * They are all dead  * They all died with faith in the living God and in the promises that were made of Messiah. We too are temporary residents. Our citizenship is in heaven. Our possessions and careers and even our marriages and families and cultures are temporary. 1Pet1:17, 1Pet2:11, 2Cor4:18  ||||||  HOW SHOULD THE TEMPORARY NATURE OF EVERYTHING IMPACT US? We need to be concerned about the eternal safety of our children and loved ones. ||||||  WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE IN THIS WORLD? Our chief end is to glorify God, to be salt and light, and to proclaim, in every way possible, the truth of the glorious gospel, leading godly lives as His witnesses. 1Pet2:9-12, John 15:18-19. We must plead with those who are heading headlong into eternal hell to turn to Christ. ||||||  "Here in the body pent, / Absent from Him I roam, / Yet nightly pitch my moving tent / A day’s march nearer home"

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