South City Reformed Baptist Church

The great danger of falling away

Let us not try to fit it into any system of theology. Spurgeon said: We had better far be inconsistent with ourselves than with the inspired Word. I have been called an Arminian Calvinist or a Calvinist Arminian, and I am quite content so long as I can keep close to my Bible. |||||||| IT IS POSSIBLE TO FALL AWAY FROM THE FAITH Matt 13:20-21, 2Pet 2:20-22, Example of Judas Iscariot. 1Jn 2:19, 2 Cor 10:11  |||||||| FOR SOME, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO REPENT AND TO TURN BACK TO GOD.  The Book of Hebrews mentions the word impossible in three other places.(Heb2:18, Heb10:4, Heb11:6). Heb12:15-17 shows us how serious this is. Christian in the house of Interpreter is told concerning the man in the iron cage who could not repent "Let this man's condition be a perpetual warning to you".
The Bible also speaks of the perseverance of the saints. Mat 24:13, 2Pet 1:5,10. If you are truly a Christian you will continue to fight on, firmly fixing our eyes on Jesus and never give up. Don't rely on a date and time when you made the sinners prayer. Where are you now? Make your calling and election sure, to be able to always say: "I am His and He is mine."
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