Southwood Lutheran Church

God’s Gift: Awareness of Responsibility

What’s our place in God’s creation?

  1. Being out in nature nurtures our spirits. God creates.
  2. Seeing life renews our hope. God sustains.
  3. Listen, observe the Sabbath, and care as stewards, not owners. God connects.

Creation calls for responsible stewards. What does being responsible look like?

  1. A responsible person acts in functional ways without needing strict supervision.
  2. A responsible person is honest about their own behavior and willing to suffer the consequences. They are willing to be wrong and stand up for respect and equality.
  3. A responsible person does not blame but embraces truth and honesty even if it hurts.

So how do we become responsible in the garden of God?
We go to God in quietness. Through God we gain more and more awareness:

  1. We cultivate our own experience of appreciation in all things.
  2. We weed out our fears and find the beauty of attentiveness.
  3. We are watered by the awareness of change that lies within, not with anything or anyone else.

God creates and sustains nature. Being still while listening for God in creation leads to being an aware and responsible person.

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