Southwood Lutheran Church

Unafraid: Whom Shall I fear

Sermon Notes


  • Fear: It’s not always negative.  It’s part of the fight or flight response.
  • Fear can cause us to do some strange things.
  • Fear—an equal opportunity problem.
  • How can our faith empower us through our fear?

If we believe God is with us and for us, what do we do with our fear of others? It’s one thing to read Psalm 27, it is another thing to internalize it.

  • Use this Psalm—Underline the portions that speak to you
  • Don’t stay away from the place where faith and hope are proclaimed—right here!!
    • Worship
    • Small group
    • Service
    • Prayer
    • Daily time with God
  • Move away from “stinkin thinkin”
  • Put a check on the news, social media, and negative people you may be around
  • What are you putting into your brain?—Filter it!
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