Sovereign Grace Church of Apex, NC

A Reformed-Charismatic Approach to Guidance

We need guidance as we walk through life and as we face decisions because we are sinners -- we are prone to self-deception and to walking in unbelief and disobedience -- and because we are creatures -- we are limited in our understanding, wisdom, and foresight, being dependent on God. There are three ways that God has provided to us to understand his will and obtain guidance from him. First, we obtain guidance from his word, which provides us with commands that direct and limit what we do, and which also provides us with clear principles that we must follow as we live. Second, we obtain guidance by discerning God's will, by learning and cultivating wisdom from his word, and by seeking out counsel as we seek to make wise and informed decisions. Finally, we obtain guidance by waiting on the Lord, by seeking him in prayer and asking for direct and specific guidance.