Springdale Baptist Church

A Call to Spiritual Behavior


  • Support your local Teacher
    • Don’t be proud
    • Don’t avoid sinners
    • Don’t neglect your ministers
      • Ministers can’t carry out their calling without the financial support of their congregations
        • 1 Cor. 9:14
      • The ministers provides insights and knowledge – we can help them stay focused on what is important
        • Paul was writing to churches that had been infiltrated with doctrines that were not aligned with what he had given them
  • Spirituality means Accountability
    • The Biblical foundation of verse 5
    • A life consistent with the Spirit’s leading is important for accountability
      • All will give account before God
    • In verse 1, Paul identified the battle that rages between flesh and Spirit
      • Mistreating others, ministering in boastfulness, neglecting our ministers are all acts of the flesh
    • Works are not required for salvation, but our salvation requires works
  • God is our Judge
    • Our works define our hearts
    • Our relationship to Christ is demonstrated by our works
    • “Doing Good” is what it means to “Please the Spirit”
      • We will all stand before God
        • “Reap harvest if we don’t give up”

There are no human barriers when it comes to God’s view of our lives

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