Springdale Baptist Church

Don't Let the Opposition Get You Down!

  • Success breedsOpposition
    • People don’t oppose failure
    • Success indicates accomplishment
      • We can celebrate opposition because it means that we’re doing something
  • Why do people oppose success?
    • They feel Threatened
      • It puts others in a better position for advancement and acknowledgment
        • This applies to the men referenced in the Scripture reference
    • They are Jealous
      • We want success for ourselves, so when others achieve it around us we become envious
        • Also applied to Sanballat and Tobiah
          • Neh. 2:10
    • They have a different Agenda
      • Atheist organizations, like the FFRF and individuals like Richard Dawkins fit this category
        • There is no threat of harm to them
        • They are not jealous
        • It follows a path of rebellion against God
    • A feeling of Exclusion
      • We are excited when we are involved in a program of change. When we are excluded, for any reason, we become complacent and even oppositional
      • This was also the case with Sanballat and Tobiah
        • The rebuilding of the walls was a project for only the Jews
      • This is often the case in the operation of the local Church
        • Participation in communion - believers only
        • Participation in ministry
        • We must be careful to be inclusive without compromising doctrine
      • Suspicion of Motivation
        • People do not trust what they don’t agree with
          • This is the excuse often given when the real opposition is from threat or envy
      • The possibility of looking Bad
      • The potential for Change
      • It is opposed by Satan

Sometimes it’s convenient to blame the enemy when it is really our own pride

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