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From Slaves to Heirs - Part 1

Paul’s intent is to make the Christians in Galatia (and the Christians in Westminster) understand the order that God established in His plan of salvation for Mankind:

Faith > Children of God > Seed of Abraham > Heirs with Christ

  • We are ALL God’s Children - Vs. 26
    • Christians - not all mankind
    • We are no longer in need of a guardian
      • The Law was our guardian - It allowed the Old Testament saints to exercise faith
    • All Christians are children of Abraham but we are also children of God
      • Calling God “Abba” our father is a right and demonstrates our intimate relationship with Him
      • 2 Cor. 6:18
  • Christians Put On a Christ-like Garment - Vs. 27
    • Baptism is a means to illustrate the act of the decision of salvation
      • Taken very seriously in New Testament times
      • Gal. 5:6 - rituals are a matter of the heart, not actions
      • Baptism is not necessaryfor salvation but it is vital if we really want to trust God
    • “Putting on Christ” is true son-ship
  • Just who is ALL? - Vs. 28
    • Mankind has created divisions
      • Social - Cultural - Gender
      • In Christ the ground is level for all His heirs
  • Bringing it all Together- Vs. 29
    • Christians are “in Christ”; “Children of Abraham”; and inheritors of the promise
        • This is a position that is achieved by faith and not by following the law. We follow the law by the leading of the Spirit
  • How does this all Apply? - 4:1-7
    • As children we were the same as slaves regardless of what we would eventually inherit
      • Under the law, it became a guardian - a means of faith looking for the coming of the Messiah
    • We become “sons” or children
      • Having God’s Spirit
      • Having the right to call God Our Father

Sharing in the inheritance

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