Springdale Baptist Church

Generosity in Christian Giving


  • We should not substitute obedient giving for Generosity
    •  Paul tells Timothy to warn the church against giving with the wrong motives
    • Of the 78 persons mentioned in the Epistles, approximately 30 of them are people with means.
  • The early church was characterized by Poverty
    • The bond between the poor and the wealthy in early Christianity can only be rectified by the power of God’s Holy Spirit – Luke 5:30
  • Paul tells Timothy how Christians can invest their resources to the glory of God
    • “In this present age” means that our earthly possessions are just that: Temporary
      • When we leave this earth we will not possess anything that we did not enter it with. (Probably less!)
      • Luke 12:13-21 – We should never place our trust in material possessions, no matter how secure we think they may be.
    • Paul share the same philosophy that Jesus taught in his epistle to Timothy
      • Christians are to remain Humble   regardless of their wealth or social status.
      • When God blesses us with material goods and means, we are to show spiritual maturity by practicing good Stewardship
    • Everything that we possess in this world has been given to us by God as a blessing. Every blessing from God is something that He wants us to Enjoy
    • When we generously invest in God’s kingdom with every resource He blesses us with, we expand our joy from temporary happiness to eternal blessings.
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