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God Never Called Anyone by Accident


  • Shemaiah
    • “Heard by Jehovah”
    • He was “shut up” inside his house
      • Trying to make it look like he was in fear of his and Israel’s safety
    • He conspired with Tobiah and Sanballat
  • The dishonest attempt
    • Nehemiah goes to the false prophet’s home
    • “Forces coming to kill!”
    • Two wrong things:
      • Putting his own safety above the work
      • Violating the “Law” in order to save his own life
        • This was a pagan suggestion
        • Only the priests were allowed inside the Holy Place of the temple.
      • Nehemiah’s response
        • “A man like me”
        • Nehemiah was not going to be intimidated
        • God would never give prophecy that would cause someone to violate the law
          • Shemaiah was no prophet.
        • The secret to Nehemiah’s success
          • Closeness to God and his faithfulness to pray
          • Nehemiah was dedicated to the task that he had been called to
          • Nehemiah was confident
          • Nehemiah had the ability to discern

Nehemiah had courage

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