Springdale Baptist Church

God Will See Us Through to the End

  • Opposition by Ridicule
    • Sanballat recruited Tobiah, his associates and the armies of others to join him in his bitter tirade against the Jews
    • His ridicule took aim at areas that would have been sensitive to Nehemiah and the Israelites
      • Their small population
      • Their limited resources
      • Their faith
      • Their abilities
    • Sanballat knew that if the Jews succeeded, His authority would be reduced
  • Dealing with the Opposition
    • Nehemiah didn’t retaliate
      • Human nature wants to strike back
      • With limited resources, it would have probably increased the potential for failure
    • Nehemiah prayed
      • He turned to God rather than his own resources
      • He recognized that it was God who was being challenged and not him
      • Transference defuses anger
      • Prayer restores perspective
  • Opposition by Violence
    • The Jews were at a low point
      • Ridiculed
      • Exhausted
    • The enemy was powerful
      • Samaria from the north
      • Ammon from the east
      • Ashdod from the west
      • Arabs from the south
  • Sometimes violence must be defused by accompanying faith with physical strength
    • Reminded that God is always in control

God uses our physical being along with our faith

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