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Judgment or Righteousness?

Job has heard the opinions of two “friends” regarding the state he is in. Their opinion is that Job is being judged by God for something that he has done wrong. They encourage him to repent so that all can be forgiven. Job maintains his innocence throughout all these trials.

  • The context of a Courtroom
    • There is not evidence that will make a man righteous
      • There is no perfect person except for Jesus Christ
    • Job’s Hymn of praise
      • God removes mountains
        • Not obliteration but to transverse
        • God can circumvent any of man’s schemes to take Him off of the throne
      • God Shakes the earth
        • Not only will God stifle human attempts to block Him, He will also use the elements of nature to stop rebellious men
      • God Commands the sun and stars
        • God’s influence is not limited to what is on the earth but it extends into the cosmos
      • God Stretches out the heavens
        • God’s concern and care for His creation will bring about His very presence on the earth
          • Psalm 144:5, 6; Micah 1:3
            • Even the constellations are subject to God
            • 10 summarizes God’s power and abilities
            • Job affirms that all creation is subject to God and His good pleasure
              • What Job has named is only a small representation of God’s awesome power
            • The cohorts of Rahab are powerless
              • Often used to describe Egypt

Representing any opposition to Jehovah

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