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Let's Kick Him While He's Down


  • Job’s Character is questioned
    • Bildad responds to Job’s previous comments as a lot of hot air!
      • This is a questionable way to comfort someone who is grieving
  • Job’s Children are implicated
    • Bildad has decided that the deaths of Job’s children was a result of their own sinfulness
      • Job loved his children, prayed for them and even offered sacrifices on their behalf in case they offended Jehovah unintentionally
      • There is nothing in Scripture that impeaches Job’s children
  • Bildad insists upon Job’s Confession
    • He still believes that Job has abandoned God
      • Disregarding all that Job has said
    • By accusing Job of transgression he has usurped God’s authority - Bildad is now the judge
  • Bildad Judges Job using Past records
    • “If it was true then it must be true now”

 “The fact that something was said or written years ago is no guarantee that it is right. ‘Tradition’ and ‘Traditionalism’ are two different things. Tradition is the living faith of the dead; traditionalism is the dead faith of the living. There is nothing wrong with a sense of tradition, but traditionalism means that you are always living in the past.” - David Jeremiah

  • Bildad appeals to Nature
    • Job’s personal health and welfare
    • He’s probably citing something that he read
    • The principal of “cause and effect” - if you sin you will be judged, therefore judgment indicates the presence of sin
    • As logical as these arguments may seem, they are all false concerning Job
  • Bildad’s final Assurance
    • A ray of hope for Job
      • “Hang in there”
      • “A better day is coming”
      • “You’ll have the last laugh”

Inappropriate encouragement’s for someone who believes that they would be better off dead

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