Springdale Baptist Church

Only God Can Make an Apple


  • Freedom from the Flesh
    • Freedom is not license to sin
      • “Flesh” is more than skin
        • Don't use freedom as an excuse to sin
        • Use freedom for love
        • Love is the ultimate command
        • Flesh causes fighting
      • A life guided by love will overcome the flesh
        • “Serve one another”
  • Freedom through the Spirit
    • The Spirit leads us away from sin
      • A Spirit-led life will deliver from the flesh
      • There is conflict between Spirit and flesh
      • The conflict keeps us from God’s will
      • Through the Spirit we escape the law
  • Life in the Flesh defined
    • Sexual sin
    • Religious sin
    • Social sin
    • Substance sin
    • The path we follow will define our eternal destiny 
  • Life in the Spirit defined
    • “Fruit” allows God to expend the effort in our service
    • Love is the primary fruit
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