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Paul's Gospel was Social and Theological

Paul had been preaching the Gospel throughout Asia Minor by the authority and teaching he received directly from the Lord. Paul was not taught by the “Pillars of the Church” nor by the church in Jerusalem. He was ordained by God and his Gospel was one of pure grace from God.

  • Paul had been preaching for 14Years
    • He had spent two weeks meeting with Peter
    • He returned to Jerusalem with Barnabas and Titus
      • Barnabas was a Jewish man from Cypress.
        • He was listed among those who sold personal property and gave the money to the Apostles
        • He was considered and “equal” by Paul - 1Cor. 9:6
      • Titus was a Greek Gentile convert who did not follow the protocol of the Judaizers
        • Paul brought him to Jerusalem to illustrate the faithfulness of the Greek converts without the imposition of the Law on their lives
      • The Jerusalem leaders - the “Pillars”, did not object to Paul’s Gospel but rather, endorsed it
  • Paul was still willing to Submitto human authority
    • He came to Jerusalem for their support
  • False teachers Minimizethe work of Christ
    • Undermining the ministry of the Holy Spirit
    • A life of Christ is one of freedom, not slavery
  • Paul’s Gospel was Endorsedby the “Pillars”
    • Peter, James and John sent Paul out with their blessing, and even declared that there is no difference in the means of salvation for Jews or Gentiles
  • Paul’s Formulato resolve division
    • He recognized the conflict
    • He gathered the evidence
    • He evaluated the issue both theologically and socially
    • He worked with others to achieve resolution
  • The church must Balancethe social with the theological

The lack of balance will cause division within the Body of Christ

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