Springdale Baptist Church

Winning a Battle Doesn't Mean Winning the War


  • “The wall was completed”
    • Nehemiah’s single purpose - Rebuild the wall!
  • Nehemiah was prepared for the task
    • He had permission
    • He had the materials
    • He journeyed safely
    • He had help and organization
  • What could go wrong?
    • Nehemiah still encountered problems
      • Outside Opposition
      • Internal Opposition
    • Nehemiah pressed on!
      • The task was completed…in 52 days!
    • Nehemiah didn’t sit back and relax
      • He glorified God - Vs. 16
      • Nebuchadnezzar’s did the opposite
    • God was not finished with Nehemiah
      • Don’t allow success to make you think that you are invincible
      • Nehemiah gives an example of his own imperfection
        • Being in God’s will doesn’t mean that we will not have opposition
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