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You Can't Buy Righteousness


  • Who was Job?
    • Lived in Uz - location unknown
    • Name means “hated”
  • Job’s qualities
    • Man of Perfect Integrity
      • Perfect = Job’s character
      • Integrity = Job’s actions
      • Upright in how he lived in what he did
        • Living by God’s expectations
        • Deut. 6:18, 19
      • Living upright will gain God’s favor
        • Eccl. 7:29
      • Job was not sinless but he found favor with God
        • Prov. 3:1-6
    • Job Feared God
      • Fear is not definable in the English translation
        • It is a worshipful submission, reverential awe and obedient respect for God
        • God took Job seriously




    • Job Turned Away from evil
      • Walking uprightly
      • Evil can fall in our way without our pursuing it
  • Job’s possessions and status
    • Ten children
    • Thousands of sheep and camels; hundreds of oxen and donkeys
    • Many servants
    • Called “the greatest man in the east”
      • Material and social status yet still a man of integrity
  • Job’s piety
    • He Worried about his children
      • Children born into wealth often fall into sin
      • Cursing God in their hearts
        • Lev. 24:10-16
        • Blasphemy was punished by death
        • “Cursing God” can take many forms
          • Holding God in contempt
      • He made personal sacrifice on their behalf

Job’s actions were Motivated by righteousness

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