The Beacon Church

Is the Book of Revelation Worth My Time? (Revelation 1:1-3)

Tonight begins a multi part (and likely multi year) series on the Book of Revelation. If you've ever wanted to study this in depth, then this is the series for you. Tonight's topic is where it all begins, why bother? It's a tough book to study, join us as we work our way though.


Michael Thunder

Amen and thank you for being faithful to Christ.

The Holy Spirit is certainly the best teacher isn't he. It is really hard to listen to some who fancy themselves teachers. Why? 'Cause it's possible to accumulate so many advanced degrees you end up chasing your intellect around in circles just like a dog chasing its tail. Mighty entertaining but not very profitable.

I am happy to see that God has profited the body of Christ through your faithfulness.

God bless you and your family and those for whom your are an overseer.