The Beacon Church

Is the Modern Church Praising God the Right Way?

The modern Evangelical Church has become preoccupied with worship style. At some point we need to stop and compare how we worship to God's Word and see if it pleases Him. It may not matter what style we choose to worship with, but the heart we bring to worship does matter. Tonight, we discuss David's insight on how to worship God properly.


Sarah Martin

Amen-Anyway as long as you are worshiping!!!

Dena Phillips

Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. Worship Him and adore him as he adores you.

Bethany Barber

Praise him in a dance song hymn sound as long as it comes from the heart some praise him with adoration and some shout praises to his name just do it with your whole heart mind and should do it with all of yourself not cause you feel obligated to do so you should want to after all he did die for us so that we may have life and life abondantly

David Brayshaw

One of the terrible things taking place within this whole new approach to worship is an assault on the ears. Soldiers who spend time in harm's way understand the cost of noise. Tinnitus and hyperacusis are the number one disabilities acquired by our men in uniform. I am one of them. 5 inch 38s onboard a destroyer caused me these conditions for which I receive little compensation in money from the VA. But that's not why I'm writing. Today's use of mosh pit religious services, where the ignorant walk to the front of the stage to saturate themselves in the sound as the ungodly do in rock concerts, at the front of speakers, are causing eventual damage to their ears, a ringing and sound sensitivity that is difficult to beat. Go forward to receive prayer for healing while your own church is causing you bad health doesn't make good sense. This must be stopped. Visit the website called the tinnitus support message board or TSMB on yuku and read some of the stories of those who are coming down with tinnitus due to their incessant use of wearing earphones to listen their MP3 players at very unsafe levels. This is why I don't attend church services any longer, because I have to take with me my earplugs, and without them, on top a loss of hearing, there is no service.

heidi ward

Amen! !!

Adonai Temple

God sees inside the heart, so modern churches today have added some kind of swag to it.

Loren Helmuth

It's worse. Professional worship leaders/ teams are replacing g worship of the heart, in spite of good intentions of leadership. Moreover, our 'worship' is replacing discipleship. Christianity is becoming increasingly lost in space.

susan wong

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