The Beacon Church

What Do We Accomplish When We Love One Another?

The modern Church can sometimes be too hung up on what we can get back from what we give, a sort of "return on investment". Is this how God wants us to love? Only to give to get something in return or, is there more? Tonight, we look at ONE verse packed with God's truth about what real love looks like.


Bethany Barber

You see we shouldn't do good and expect Good back cause you see Jesus didn't die expecting us to love and live for him he died so that we would have a choice. So how I see it we should love no matter what we should love all even the one's who hate us Jesus Loves the sinner but not the sin cause sin is what separates people from God . Real love is loving no matter what, and at all time through it all love will see past people's faults and failures, it will never end and it will never give up it will always look at the positive in thing no matter what the circumstance looks like

Sharon Zachary

Well said my sister in Christ because God loves everyone no matter what race creed or nationalists you are he loves us all the same he don't turn his back on none he there always with open arms to welcome us we just have to get closer to him and let him be our guide because no one can love us more than god no matter what mess we are in he there and his love is there