The Orchard Church

Beauty, Unity & Worship

Discussion Questions

  • Why should God be glorified when married couples engage in sex? Do couples need to do anything special to glorify God in sex?
  • Discuss the ways sexual activity (or lack thereof) might affect our lives as Christians. How have you seen these in your marriage?
  • Why is the brain one of the most important sexual organs? How can a husband love his wife through her heart and mind?
  • Why must biblical intimacy and sex always be focused on one's mate before it looks to self?
  • Why is sex reserved in a biblical worldview for a man and a woman who are married? How does this connect to the gospel?
  • Why should a husband and wife make themselves available to one another? How can they communicate this?
  • What does it mean for God to be the "unseen guest" of the bedroom? Why can couples rejoice in this fact?
  • How does the purity of this bride prefigure the consummation of all things when Jesus returns for His bride, the Church?
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