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Fan the Flames

Discussion Questions

  • The Song of Solomon is about the celebration of love between a man and woman - which is an echo or reflection of God’s love for his people. How does this make you feel about the prospect of studying this book?
  • Just as a few snapshots can capture the flavor of your relationship, so also the relationship of this king and his beloved. What do you learn about the man and the women in the first snapshot (1:2-4)
  • What does the woman look like in the second snapshot - vs. 5-8? Why is she self-conscious?
  • In the third snapshot (vs. 9-11), how does the king see her differently?
  • In the fourth snapshot (vs. 12-14), what memories does she have of him?
  • In the next snapshot (1:15-2:3), what do you learn from their conversation? How has her self-image changed from 1:6?
  • Back in the palace (2:4-7), what tells you she is feeling more secure in his love? What does the banner (used to signal large troop movement in battle) signify here?
  • In 2:7, why does she caution against lovemaking too soon?
  • What echos” of God’s love do you see in this first section of the Song of Solomon?
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