The Orchard Church

Finish the Work: By His Poverty We Became Rich

Discussion Questions

  • Read II Corinthians 8:1-11
  • When it comes to money the real issue, according to the Bible, is trust. What has your trust?
  • Who is the most generous person you know? What kind of attitude do they have towards giving? 
  • How do you explain the abundant joy amidst extreme poverty in parts of the world? How does the generosity of these people compare to some of the most affluent in our country?
  • Have you ever given when you weren't sure you could afford it? What happened?
  • Read vs. 7. Are you excelling in the grace of giving? If not, ask God to help show you how. 
  • What gift do you have that only you can give? What are some practical ways to pray about this?