The Orchard Church

How do You Follow Jesus Today?

Discussion Questions

  • What was your favorite teacher - school, church, coach? What made them your favorite? What is one thing they taught you apart from the curriculum or assigned topic?
  • When Jesus said, “follow me,” he invited his disciples to observe his life as well as listen to his teaching. They also had many opportunities to ask questions. What questions would you like to ask Jesus, if you had the opportunity?
  • When Jesus said, “follow me,” he invited his followers into a personal relationship with himself. Share a time when you became aware of the presence and friendship of Jesus.
  • Share some ways you have found to keep a relationship (marriage or close friendship) fresh and fun.
  • How can a Christ-follower keep his relationship with Jesus fresh and real and alive? How did Jesus keep his relationship with His father fresh and moment-by-moment?
  • What keeps you from renewing your commitment to walk with Jesus in fresh ways?
  • Pray for each other in a time of decision-making and fresh commitment.
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